Confidence Matters

by Louise J Goddard

Develop your sense of self-worth so that you can feel confident whenever, wherever and with whomever.  

This book will give you the tools to get to know who you really are, what your values are, what your emotions are telling you, uncover and eliminate your unconscious limiting beliefs, and much more, plus you'll have step by step instructions of how to do specific NLP techniques on your own- no partner necessary - to get motivated, get strong and go for what you want.

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You can borrow copies of this life-changing book now at Calgary public library, Alberta, and soon it will appear on the shelves at Fredericton Public library, NB and Guelph Public library, Ontario, because in April 2018, both city libraries accepted copies for their collection. 

Details: Hardcover  
Gloss dustjacket
Genre: self-improvement
ISBN 978-1-387-49681-5 

356 pages 

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Reviews of 'Confidence Matters' by Louise J Goddard

'"Wish I'd had a book like this 25 years ago. "

"Life changing!
I wish I'd had a book like this 25 years ago. Down-to-earth, practical and super-effective.
Working through it steadily and doing the exercises and I'm already feeling better about myself."


" You...have to put some work and it is all worth while. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge."
Maritza Brikisak 

"Packed with useful stuff."

"Really enjoyed this book and have earmarked the sections where I need to do more work. It's really well written and you can feel the author's motivation and enthusiasm for helping you to get confident. The exercises are awesome. I hope people will read it start to finish because it is packed with useful stuff. I can imagine that in ten years' time, my copy will be well read and dog-eared because I will keep coming back to it. Thank you Ms Goddard for the coupon for your Udemy confidence course which includes some of the techniques in the book. That's a great extra as you get lifetime access. "

Geoffrey Matthews 

"An expert in generating confidence"

"Having had hypnosis and NLP sessions with the author and NLP Master Louise J Goddard, I can tell you that this person is an expert in generating confidence in people even when it's someone like me that thought I'd never be able to feel confident in any context! The book is awesome - she doesn't pull any punches (like she is in person), but at the same, Louise is very keen to acknowledge that not everyone has had the best start in life or has a great or in fact any support system in terms of family and friends and is encouraging and positive no matter what. She makes it clear that even if you have family members who have been or currently are toxic to you, you CAN still become authentically self-confident. If you can't have sessions with her, this book really is the next best thing. I look forward to a second volume!"

 Stuart Thornicroft 

"I have learned so much about myself "

"I’ve read about 70% of this book and already I have learned so much about myself – I recommend starting at the beginning and working your way all the way through because there are gems scattered throughout! The self-discovery exercises (if you actually do them as the author recommends) which are in many of the chapters are really revealing or at least they were for me. The beliefs stuff ( like the discovery exercises) on pages 67-74 was quite an eye opener for example. I got the audio version of some of the exercises from the resources part at the end, and have already started on those. I think this book is an excellent tool for anyone who is ready to take action to get confident. It’ll take time to go through everything but I’ll heed the author’s recommendation and do it chunk by chunk. It’s already worth it."


"Great quality hardcover book full of practical exercises"

 Very nicely written, great quality hardcover book full of practical exercises to develop one's self-awareness and NLP techniques to become confident. FYI: There is a coupon code at the back for an online audio-visual course which provides an audio version of some of the NLP techniques in the book, and others. In my opinion, Confidence Matters is a must-have for anyone who wants and is ready to work on their confidence and self-esteem. 


"A lifesaver"

"This is the type of book I've been looking for for a looooong time. The author really lets you know that yes, you can be confident, no matter what age you are or what kind of start you have in life. There aren't many books like that. You get them and you think 'well, I don't have a family network of support to draw strength from or a partner who can help me. You'd be surprised how many books tell you to use your support system. This author deliberately points out that you can still be confident strong and feel good about yourself even if you don't have that, and have never had that."
Alice in Ottawa

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