Certify as a NLP Master Confidence Coach

Training - Montreal, Quebec, Canada Aug 2018

Certify as a Master Confidence Coach with NLP expert Louise J Goddard, author of Confidence Matters

During your four day training, you will refresh your knowledge of NLP before moving on to learning and practising coaching and techniques specifically for boosting confidence in your client.

Prerequisite to join this course: NLP Practitioner certification, or Hypnosis certification by a recognised board, Life coaching certificate by a recognised board. 

Reserve your place just by paying a deposit via the button at the end of the training page. You'll hear from us within 24 hours of receipt.

Audio-Visual course on Udemy

Udemy course of NLP techniques to boost confidence by Louise J Goddard

To support your training and your own growth in confidence, as some of your home assignments, you will be required to do some of the exercises on the Udemy course, Skyrocket your confidence, by Louise J Goddard. 

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Reference Material

Confidence Matters, a hardcover book, by NLP Master and Hypnotist, Louise J Goddard

During your training, you will be referring to some of the key premises, and during the practice sessions conducting some of the exercises in the hardcover book, Confidence Matters by your instructor, Louise J Goddard. This is book is a representation of eleven years' of international coaching work with thousands people all over the world wishing to improve their confidence levels in a variety of contexts.