NLP with Louise J Goddard, Fredericton NB

How can neuro-linguistic programming help you?

A little about neuro-linguistic programming

 You can improve your life quickly and easily using the behavioural science of neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP for short.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a behavioural technology for which there are numerous complicated explanations, but basically, I would simply say that it is a tool for personal development.
Excellent with or without accompanying hypnosis, it works very quickly because NLP techniques draw on your own associations and motivations.
You can learn how to control your emotional and thus your physical states. This discovery and skill can be life-changing.

NLP can be put to excellent use... 

  • at work 
  • public speaking
  • communicating effectively with bosses and colleagues 
  • leisure
  • confidence to try new things
  • health
  • fitness and healthy eating
  • teaching, training
  • taking tests

The list goes on :)
NLP coaching with a skilled qualified NLP Master Practitioner can result in changing, adopting or removing certain neuro-associations, thoughts and/or behaviour in certain situations or with certain people as applicable.  

Learn More

Naturally, you can book one-to-one sessions of hypnosis and NLP with Louise J Goddard, but here's another idea in case you're interested: We run courses on NLP with and without certification through a recognised board. You can join such courses to learn how to help others, or simply to help yourself gain self-awareness and learn how to make changes in your own perceptions of life and your own patterns of thinking and behaviour.  During the training you will be practising NLP techniques on each other, so you can help others learn and at the same time, break through some of your own personal blocks.

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